Ραδίκια γλυκά - chicory
Ραδίκια γλυκά - chicory

1 1/2 kilo of sweet jam


We get what we like (we have one and a half pounds of chicory here), clean them well and put them in a basin of water and vinegar for five minutes. Vinegar kills that mummy may have the greens. Then wash as many hands as water to avoid soil. Finally, put the water in the pan until the waist is allowed to boil and pour the greens. With a fork we push them to cover with water and be careful not to inflate us and drop the water in the kitchen. Boil them as long as we like the cooked greens.

We can accompany them with fries or baked potatoes or fish with anchovies or sardines.

Ραδίκια γλυκά - chicory
Ραδίκια γλυκά – chicory

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