Loquats Jam

Μούσμουλα μαρμελάδα - Loquats Jam
Μούσμουλα μαρμελάδα - Loquats Jam

1kg of cleaned loquats
600 g of sugar
1/2 cup of water
1 stalk of scented geranium
Juice of 1 lemon

Wash the loquats, and remove their peel.
We cut on one side and remove the pits and the membrane that contains them.
Put them in the saucepan, add sugar to the water, and leave them for 4-5 hours to draw out all their liquids.
When they draw out their liquids, we put them over a strong fire and as soon as it starts to boil, we make the heat moderate.
Boil for about 35-40 minutes until we see that the jam thickens.
To see if the jam is thick enough, put a little on a platter and let it cool down. Then try lift it with a teaspoon and if it drops slowly it is ready.
When our jam is ready, using a pureeing tool, press it a little so that it softens a bit but still has some chunks.
Finally, add the lemon juice and mix it.
Add the scented geranium and leave it in the hot jam for 1/2 hour until it releases it’s aroma. Our jam is ready.

Μούσμουλα μαρμελάδα - Loquats Jam
Μούσμουλα μαρμελάδα – Loquats Jam

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